Seller's Guide

The sale of one’s property may be one of the most emotional transactions one may go through in the course of a lifetime. This necessarily requires a solid framework in order for the experience to be positive.  

This sellers guide was devised to accompany you step by step in the different phases leading to your ultimate goal : selling your property.

A SALE includes the following steps :


Do I require an agent’s services?
Some people consider selling their home on their own. If this appeals to you, ask yourself the following questions: are you ready to invest time and money in various advertising tactics? Are you prepared to wait and invest weeks or even months of time handling the process of a sales transaction? Are you sufficiently well equipped and well informed? Will you be available to conduct the future multiple visits? Are you aware of all the possible strategies to promote your property on Internet? How will you negotiate with the future buyers and satisfy their multiple inquiries?

Once you’ve decided to sell, the next step is to choose a real estate agent that will support and serve you as only a professional would. This will not only save you time as well as avoid any unnecessary frustrations, but can allow you to save or gain thousands of dollars.

Choose to work with real estate professionals and contact the Cheff & Lanctôt Team.


Establishing a listing price.
Selling is what matters? The most important factor is determining the appropriate market value of your property. If the estimated price is too low, you may be losing out financially. On the contrary, if the price is too high, you risk discouraging future buyers delaying the sale of your property for an indefinite period of time.
Consequently, a property that remains up for sale for too long, will negatively affect a potential buyer’s perception on why the property has not yet been sold.

In order to adequately determine a fair price, one must analyze the sale of similar properties in one’s sector in the course of the past year.

Ask an agent of the Cheff & Lanctôt Team to present you a comparative analysis of properties that have been recently sold in your sector or use our listing price estimation tool.


Enhancing your property for presentation purposes.
You never have a second chance to make a first impression!  Never overlook your property’s presentation. Every little detail can make the difference.  Make sure that the necessary renovations have been made. Appearance of neglect may lower the property’s appraisal. Experienced agents, such as ourselves, can give you tips on what needs to be improved.

Once you’ve skilfully renovated and made the adequate repairs, now comes the time to redecorate (if needed), in order for the interior setting (furniture layout, choice of colours and decorative accessories) to make a pleasing impression.

Take into account the services of « Home Staging » professionals as they can prove to be a wise option.

« Generally, homes which have been revamped through the techniques of Home Staging, sell faster and at a higher offer (2% to 10%) than their competing unstaged counterparts; for a given home worth $300,000 it can represent up to $6,000 to $30,000 of additional profit. »

The Cheff/Lanctôt team can refer you to reliable professionals.


Marketing your property with appropriate advertising
Planning, organizing and marketing your property is a laborious process which requires a fine-tuned attention. Several forms of media as well as various tools are on the market to assist you. Adjusting your strategy depending on product and geographical area are key.  One must plan the postings, advertisements in their various forms (Internet, magazines and newspapers), mailings, e-mails, photo shoots, information sheets and much more.
Marketing is also includes coordinating the visits, open houses and follow-ups with potential buyers.

Given the range and complexity of all that needs to be accomplished, it would be in your best interest and highly advantageous to confer this task to real estate professionals who are familiar with this kind of challenge.

Contact us for more information.


Closing the sales transaction
After having completed the previous phases, you will surely have succeeded in convincing a buyer to follow through to the last steps:

  • Writing up the sales agreement and counter-proposals.
  • Negotiating.
  • Complying to the sales conditions (inspection, financing, etc.)
  • Organizing and assembling all the necessary legal documents (certificate of localization, sales agreement, mortgage contract, co-ownership agreement (if applicable), municipal and school taxes, etc. 
  • Selecting a notary to proceed to the sales agreement.


Leave your worries behind! The Cheff/Lanctôt team will complete the sales transaction for you!