Estimating market value

It is possible for us to estimate your property’s current market value following a study of comparable properties that have been sold in your sector in the past. The method by which we conduct our analysis shall vary depending on the type of property you wish to sell.

You dispose of two options regarding the market value analysis.

1. Basic Analysis : PLEASE FILL IN THE FORM AND SEND IT TO US. WE SHALL COMMUNICATE OUR RESULTS WITHIN 72 HOURS FOLLOWING YOUR REQUEST. Please note that this option may result in an analysis that is somewhat less exact than the Complete Analysis, given that we have not visited the property. We cannot therefore take into account the interior touch-ups, renovations or upgrades that your property possesses.

Evaluation registration form

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2. Complete Analysis : Please fill out the form in our Contact Us section and we shall contact you to schedule a meeting to visit your property in order to collect the necessary information needed for an appropriate analysis of its fair market value.
It is understood that this entails no compulsory obligation on your behalf.